Why registering For a Shipping Account via www.ups.com is Beneficial

The UPS Company History

The United Parcel Service Inc. otherwise known as UPS is a global company offering the world identity through admired brands. Founded in 1907, UPS is a multi-billion-dollar Corporation engaged in express carrier and package delivery services. Although initially a messenger company for the US market, it is present in over 200 countries and territories world over.
Due to its presence in almost every corner of the world, UPS boasts of a large client base with an average website daily usage of 21.8 million page views. As of 2011, the website’s peak day page views of 31.0 million were realized. Working in collaboration with various companies, it is affiliated to over 2, 900 networks under its website.
The nature of the trade undertaken by UPS makes it a very active site and this has culminated in tracking hits of up to 32.1 million per business day. The peak day tracking requests as witnessed in 2011 hit 57.5 million on average. This has seen its 2011 net revenue clock $9.1 billion.
UPS Services
The UPS supply chain solutions offers services to do with logistics and distribution. This incorporate transportation and freight including sea, air, ground and rail. Also, through UPS it is possible to get custom brokerage. A common feature for this multi-national corporation is the freight forwarding capacity to 195 countries all in the traditional trade.
With about 809 facilities in more than 120 countries and occupying about 33 million Sq. feet, UPS is able to provide specialized services. Some of these include service parts, technical repair and configuration. Others are supply chain design and planning with returns on management. This is actualized through its fleet of 704.
The above features are no mean feat when intent of sending, receiving, importing or exporting merchandise. Companies and individuals can benefit a great deal through registering for membership with the www.ups.com website. UPS offers the visitor a number of options from the Homepage. The first timer will be met by the following at the homepage.
Home page

Select location
Remember log-in
Feed back
Website terms of use
Privacy notice
US Homepage
Ups solutions

Creating a shipping account is a procedure that enables a shipping company or individual access UPS without much ado. All the visitor is expected to do is follow the well designed prompts to create a successful shipping account.
Step-By-Step Guide on the Creation of a UPS Shipping Account

From the homepage; select your location, this comes with preferred language for the locality
Then click on the GO tab on the right. This denoted by a blue arrowed tab
Then go to the open shipping account link
Log-in setting will incorporate

Log-in Settings
Profile address
Communication preferences

Log-in settings

New users
Register now
Re-enter email
User id
Re-enter password
Technology agreement
Scroll to the bottom to check the box

Profile address; Contact information

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Telephone Line; Ext

Communication preferences

Email Options:

Send Me The Following Ups Email Communications

A check on the circular tab will select all preferences
Otherwise, check individual boxes as below

New products announcements/enhancements
Promotions and offers
Service updates/regulatory changes

Remove me from UPS email communications
Need more info, click on sample tab in the middle of the page

Here, you will be bombarded by a number of questions which must be filled in for an activation of the account. Mandatory fields are marked with a bullet.

Click on the submit button and then confirm the subsequent details. Also, confirm ant that may have been erroneously entered.
Indicate the contributing factors for your intention for the usage of the www.ups.com website.
Then finish by submitting the request

A message will appear thanking you for the submission and assurance of a contact from one of the customer services representative. This will be in accordance to UPS account opening protocol. After this, you can Log-out and Log-In to confirm you details. Here, you will be required to provide the User ID and Password.
This will propel you to the world of a first-class courier and logistics service. www.ups.com is the website where real moving and shipment happen!

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