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dunkin24407-300x250Everyone loves Dunkin donuts due to their exceptional quality. How about an Idea on how you can get one of these amazing donuts for free? Well, is the best place to go if you are in need of a free donut from Dunkin Donuts. You only need to complete a short online survey on their site within three days after purchase of any product from their store. Then the next time you visit Dunkin donuts, buy any medium drink and you get your free donut along. Use your receipts and get a free donut for your kids or family members thanks to this great site. To get you a clear detailed view on how functions, here are the procedures to be followed.

First of all, access the Dunkin donuts website online by clicking on this link. Here, you are met with a website with a pink and orange theme which offers a guest satisfaction survey in two languages; Spanish and English. Take the survey in your preferred language by moving and clicking your mouse on the highlighted sections immediately after the language you want. The website then prompts you to enter a 6-digit store number which is usually located on top of your receipt. For those who want to get more insight on the receipt you can click the highlighted text to view a full receipt. Otherwise, enter the number with precision and click start.

A new webpage opens and instructs you to indicate your day of visit in month-date-year format. After that, you indicate the time or specific hour of your visit before clicking on the ‘next’ icon. The following prompt box will then require you to re-enter the 6-digit store number that is normally located on the top of your receipt. You had previously entered the details so this step is just a verification of the number entered before. By clicking the start button, you are led to a page that directs you to enter the date and time of your visit again. When through, click next to complete the few simple remaining steps that will earn you a free donut.

This step leads you to another page that signifies the beginning of the guest satisfaction survey questions. Answer the questions with utmost sincerity and click next when you are done with each one of them. A progress bar below each page will show you how far you are with the survey. Note that, neither of the questions should be left blank in order for you to complete the survey successfully.

Final questions are included at the end entirely for classification purposes. They include; your gender, age, annual household income and your originality. This is followed a few steps ahead by a prompt that requires you to enter you e-mail address for you to be sent additional research or promotional messages. This field can be filled or left blank depending on what you feel is best for you. Click next and get a validation code which you are supposed to write on your receipt and present it to the restaurant at the time of purchase listed on it.

If it is still unclear to you on where you should write your validation code, click on the highlighted text and get a picture description of it. In case you would want to know more on coupons and their restrictions, visit the dunkin’ donuts website.

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