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About is a website for filing a claim in two settlements as part of a class action lawsuit. They have some information about the lawsuits themselves, a guide to determine if you are eligible to file a claim and an area that actually lets you electronically file a claim. They also provide all of the legal paperwork related to these two settlements such as notices and settlement agreements. It is important to read these if you are considering filing a claim. They let you know exactly what you are agreeing to by filing this claim.

The Lawsuit And The Settlements

The lawsuit in question is Mohan v. Dell. There are two settlements related to this one lawsuit. One of the settlements is related to the company that provides maintenance services to Dell customers. This company is known as SBE and therefore the settlement related to it is known as the SBE Settlement. There is also another settlement directly from Dell and this is knows and the Dell Settlement.

The reason for this lawsuit is that labor and services (such as the Optional Service Contract offered by Dell) are not taxable in the state of California. If you have been charged tax for this (and many have), you have the right to get your money back from DELL or SBE.


To be eligible for either of these two services you must meet all of the requirements of the settlement. The only difference between the two settlements as far as requirements go is the date you have purchased these services from these companies.

You need to have bought an Optional Service Contract from DMLP or DCSLP during the specified time periods.
The product has to have been shipped from California.
You must have paid tax on these services.
It is important that you must not have been refunded on the tax you paid on the Optional Service Contract or Contracts.

Step-By-Step Guide

1) Go to

2) Read both “Am I eligible?” pages. There is one for SBE and one for DELL. Make sure you are eligible before proceeding any further.

3) If you see you are eligible, click on the “File a Claim” tab in the blue menu bar.

4) Pick the appropriate claim and press the button for to start the process.

5) Enter your claim number and password. This should be on the short form summary you received in the mail. If you did not receive one in the mail you can simply call 1-877-502-2008 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-877-502-2008 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting and they will provide one for you.

6) The rest of the process is fairly straightforward.

What if I do nothing?

If you do nothing then you will still be bound by whatever judgement the judge decides in this case. This means that you will most likely not be able to sue either of these companies once this case is over. However, you will not receive any compensation unless you file a claim.

More Help

If you still need more help than what was provided by this article then I suggest you call 1-877-502-2008 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-877-502-2008 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting. They will help answer all of your questions.

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