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Check OutĀ live football is a website that allows it’s viewers the opportunity of watching live sports matches online, in the comfortability of their own homes and it all comes for free and without the need of any additional software. All you need is a stable internet connection. There are many of matches available on and besides football you can watch some more sports including Basketball, American Football, Ice hokey, Golf, Boxing and many more.

About or (when you navigate to it will redirect you to is webpage where people can add their own streaming links and therefore make viewing of sports easier for other people. Everything on is free and that’s probably why everyone is using it instead of some other webpages which are pretty expensive (some websites are charging 80$ a year for their members if they want to watch sports online).

How to watch football live?

Newest version of Adobe Flash player (If you don’t have it check the instructions below)
Stable internet connection with at least 2 mb/s of download speed (you can check for your download speed at

Step-By-Step Guide

When you navigate to the webpage (by clicking on the related link 1) you will see the homepage of First Row Sports. On the first page you have a listing that shows you today’s sport matches (not only football, but all of them). Above the listing you can see many categories Basketball, American Football etc. and by clicking on any category button you will see listing that has only that type of sport. For example if you click on football you will see only today’s football matches. Above categories there is a website clock that shows you the current time of webpage and the selected time zone (all the match times are shown in that zone’s time). If the time zone doesn’t match yours you can click on it and select your time zone. After selection the page will refresh and match times will be updated.

By clicking on any of the matches on homepage of First Row Sports, you will see available links – streams (streams are pages where you can see the decided match using your browser’s window). You can choose the link you want by clicking on it. The main reason why there are more then one link is that sometimes the first link is not working and you have to select another one. After you have chosen the link, in new browser window the stream should appear and you can watch the match that you have chosen before. If you can’t see the player window after selecting the match link update your Adobe Flash player (download it from related link 2).

How to update/install Adobe Flash player

Navigate to the related link 2. On that page you should see a checkbox, if you don’t want McAfee security scanner you should uncheck the box. After that click Download now button, wait a few seconds and your download should start automatically. Then you just need to follow the instructions that are given by Adobe on that page.

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