Walmart Employee Website – Associate Login page
This is a webpage whereby employees at Walmart are able to key in their username and password to see the benefits they are entitled to from the company. Other advantages are that workers can check their hourly work schedules as well as get in touch with their co-workers in the website. To be able to do this, an associate has to join

How To Register at
Before you join, you need to have:
1. An internet accessible computer
2. Your WIN short for Walmart identification number. This is a special number given to you at the beginning of employment at Walmart. You can get it from your supervisor if you do not have it.
3. Your date of birth
4. The date you joined Walmart as an employee
5. Your email address

Step by Step Instructions
. On the address bar, type the URL to go to the homepage. Click on the “Register” link which is under the “LOGIN” button.
. Enter your Walmart identification number, date of birth and the date you were hired respectively as directed. Then type the characters shown in the space provided and click “Go.”
. Step by step, follow the instructions given on the website to complete the registration.
. If you need more information, go to the homepage at

After you have registered successfully, all you need to do whenever you want to view the company’s benefits and much more is go to the – Associate Login page, type in the username and password you created in the required field and click on the “LOGIN” button.


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