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The Bob’s Discount Furniture Store website represents a nationwide furniture chain established in 1991 by Gene Rosenberg and Bob Kaufman. Its headquarters is located in Manchester, Connecticut. You can do some online shopping at the site. Your furniture will be delivered by the Bob’s Discount Store nearest their neighborhood. The website of also deals with customers who want to acquire the latest deals from the nearest store chain available, of which there are about forty.

Requirements for Use

In order to do some online shopping at Bob’s Discount Furniture, you’ll require an online payment system (like PayPal) or the willingness to divulge your credit or debit card number over the Internet as well as your personal information (your name, email address, company name, phone number, billing address, payment type, and so forth might be asked from you).

Special steps have been taken to safeguard your information, but if you’re unwilling to risk sending your card information over online, then you won’t be able to shop through the bobs furniture website. The exchange of information in the Bob’s Discount Furniture website is powered by VeriSign SSL and certified as Norton Secured. You also need to have a Bob’s Discount Furniture Branch near your area in order to avail of the website’s online shopping services.

Step-by-Step Guide for Online Shopping at Bob’s Discount Furniture

– Visit the Site: Visit the URL indicated in the related links below. (1)

– Check If They Have Local Branches: If you’re curious in regards to whether or not there’s a Bob’s Discount Furniture Store near your area, then you should visit the locations page (3) to find out; the page contains a detailed list of locations.

– Zip Code Checker: The Bob’s Discount Furniture site also has a convenient tool at the right corner of the main page (1) that determines whether It delivers to your location or not. All you need to do is enter your zip code and press enter to see whether or not Bob’s Discount Furniture deliveries are available at your area.

– Go to Your Shopping Cart: Your Bob’s Discount Furniture shopping cart (4) keeps track of every item you’ve picked from the shop so far. The page also contains info concerning you, the customer, delivery, billing, review order, and confirmation of your purchases.

– Bob’s Discount Furniture’s E-Pit: The site’s E-Pit contains overstocked and discontinued items that are available for sale at incredibly low prices. It’s the place you should go to if you’re an online bargain hunter of sorts.

– Delivery Tracker: Once you’ve ordered from the site or through the store, you can keep track of your delivery via the website’s handy delivery tracker (5). All you need to do is enter your customer number (found at the top-right section of your invoice) to see the status of your delivery.

– Join Bob’s Online Club: You can also join Bob’s Online Club in the main page (1) in order to keep track of the promos and deals from the company as well as any other announcements they might be imparting. If you want to be one of the first to avail of any deals or sales that the discount franchise might be having.

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