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Check Out  : is a great website helps in connecting a large number of teachers and students on a single platform and make education or learning a great experience. It is a secure place which helps the teachers and students to share the educational information, have class discussions and guidance for completing the homework. On the login screen, you would find two tabs saying “i’m a teacher” and “i’m a student”. You could also find two other options which are “I’m a parent” and “schools and districts”.

You should have login username and password in order to access this website. You can create an account on the website by following the below mentioned steps:

1. Select the appropriate login option as a student, teacher, parent or school according to your requirements.
2. If you are student then you need to provide information like group code, username, password, email, first name and last name and then check on the checkbox on the login screen and then click on sign up. On the other hands, if you are a teacher then you must fill out information like username, password, email address, first name and last name. Similarly you could create an account as a parent or a school
3. Once you create your Edomodo account, you would receive a confirmation email on the email address that you have mentioned and you simply need to click on the link mentioned in the email and you are all geared up for a great learning or teaching experience

Following are some of the major benefits of
1.) Edmodo encourages any place, any time learning.
2.) It lets teachers post educational articles, messages, discuss common classroom topics which would help the students to understand difficult topics in a better way thus further helping them to score better in academics.
3.) Sometimes students find it difficult to complete their projects, assignments or homework, thus they can get some nice suggestions and ideas for completing their project. On top of it, if they have some doubts on different topics, then they have a complete network of millions of teachers and students out there to help them out and clear their doubts.
4.) The best part about this website is that it is not limited to a particular level or field of education.
5.) It makes use of socio media such as videos for explaining some topics which make it easy for the students to learn and understand.

Edmodo has a option called planner through which you could plan out your entire week and check the status of all your assignments as well that would help you to stay disciplined and organized.

The major motive of is to spread education and make learning process easier by making use of powerful online tools that would make concepts easier to be understood by the students. Moreover, it makes usage of socio media for the purpose of education. You would be amazed to know that Edmodo has connected over 15,000,000 teachers and students all over the globe.

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