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Craigslist is an organization that is moderated at the community level where you can post advertisements and find information on products available for sale. You can access information on products or post information on products mostly free of charge. is a branch of Craigslist that deals with forums and classifieds from the Kansas City region. If you are offering any kinds of goods and/or services, you can reach a wider market by posting information on your products in this website. This site is also a great tool if you are looking for particular products that are up for sale. The best thing about the site is the fact that you can compare the prices and quality of the products you are interested in as there is a wide array of sellers to choose from. Moreover, all the services offered by this website are free of charge. Therefore, you can save a lot of money in marketing your products.

About is a branch of Craigslist that serves that people living in Kansas City. You can access a wide spectrum of information including goods available for sale, job vacancies, housing, love relationships, advice, and information on services and so on. This site is very useful irrespective of whether you are looking for products to buy or posting information on the products you want to sell.

Craigslist originated from an email list of events in San Francisco commenced by Craig Newmark in 1995. Contrary to popular belief, this company is a for-profit organization. It earns revenue by charging fee on job posts and brokering apartments and other means. This organization has since established itself globally as one of the biggest marketing forums that offers its services free of charge. Its current CEO is Jim Buckmaster who took the reins since the year 2000.

The company initiated Craigconnects in March 2011, which aims at availing its services globally for the common good the world. This has made it possible for the people everywhere to have access to a wider market of products. Therefore, residents of Kansas City who want to market their goods can enjoy a wider market at minimal cost while those of you who want to purchase particular products can enjoy a wider variety to choose from.

How to Use

Foremost, you should determine whether you want to post information on your products or to access information on products available in the website. For those posting jobs in the website a $28 fee is charged for each post. Other services offered are to a larger extent free of charge.


To access the services offered by Craigslist, you need a computer with an internet connection. For those people posting information such as goods for sale, services, job openings, houses for sale and so on, you will be require to avail your contact information and billing information. In addition, you will be required to post a description of your products and other information such as the payment method and other services offered such as shipping.

How to Use the Website

The first step after accessing internet is to open the Craigslist homepage at and select Kansas City under the state of Missouri. Alternatively, open directly. If you are looking for information, you can find it under the following categories; for sale, community, housing, discussion forums and jobs. Some information is only available if you have an account. For instance, if you want to comment in the discussion forums, then you should signup.

If you want to post information on housing, jobs, goods and services for sale, then you are required to have an account with this organization. After signing up and providing the necessary information, you can post information such as goods for sale and provide the contact information to allow the customers to reach you if they are interested.

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